To pursue better living for people with disabilities and their families.

LifeWorks-Applied Clinical Solutions.

Facilitating more independent living.

Enhancing quality of life.

Improving function skills.

“Disability is natural. We must stop believing that disabilities keep a person from doing something. Instead, we must start believing that everyone can contribute.”

- Jim Abbott


OT Interventions

have been found effective in improving occupational performance, social participation, and quality of life for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Journal of Occupational Therapy in Health Care

OT Can Improve

social skills, adaptive behavior, and communication for children with developmental disabilities. Journal of Developmental and Physical Disabilities

Home Accessibility & Modification Assessments

can help with your home environment and relationships with those who have a disability.

LifeWorks-ACS: Better and safer care of people with developmental disabilities. 

Playing an important role in improving the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities and developmental disabilities by addressing the unique needs and challenges of each individual.

LiveWorks-ACS is a company of occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, and developmental specialists experienced in working with people and their families that live with disabilities.

How LifeWorks-ACS Can Help

Our familiarity with applicable policies and navigating various funding mechanisms for adaptive equipment and specialized services gives LifeWorks a unique advantage of successfully securing what the consumer requires to achieve their endeavors.

Seating, Positioning, & Mobility

Environmental Access

Alternative & Augmentative Communication

Early Intervention

Consultation Services

Implementation & Utilization

"Elaine has been my mentor for the last three years as I pursue my degree in occupational therapy. Elaine has shared her knowledge, skills, and expertise to help me develop and learn more about the field of occupational therapy. Whether it's offering advice on strategic planning, networking, or personal development, she has always provided a listening ear and a helping hand. When I first decided I wanted to pursue this career she provided me with nothing but support in my decision and immediately had plenty of resources at my fingertips. As a mentor, Elaine has been nothing short of amazing and her passion for the field is a constant motivation for me to begin my professional career in occupational therapy." - Jessalyn S., Walden University, 2023


Interested in the field of Occupational Therapy?

Learn more about the training and continuing education opportunities

provided by LifeWorks for students seeking to enter into a career in

Occupational Therapy.

The Core Values of LifeWorks-ACS

  • Every person and situation is unique and therefore requires an individual approach.

  • It is essential to provide complete and accurate information throughout the entire process. 

  • A focus on consistent professional development, evaluation, and performance management of staff and affiliates. 

  • Quality is the main pillar of success. Substandard service is not tolerated.

  • Justify what is necessary and appropriate. 

  • Listen well to understand needs and requirements better.

"I met Elaine at the Dominican University admitted student open house and we connected right away. As we talked about my major being Occupational Therapy, she offered to provide mentoring and guidance throughout my journey. I am extremely grateful to have met Elaine. I was comforted by her warmth and decades of expertise and I am looking forward to the opportunity of working with her in the future." - Valeria Paola R., Dominican University, 2027

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